Hillary Mainga Foundation
Currently we run seven Nursery Schools for the orphans and vulnerable children. These schools are, Sitoto Nursery School, Isongo/Bukhakhala Nursery School, Bumala Nursery School, Busibula Nursery School, Buriya Nursery School, Masebula Nursery School and Bukhwaku Nursery School.

We identify orphans and vulnerable children from neighboring villages and admit them to a nearby nursery school. Most of these children are those that have not been able to join government schools due to lack of school uniforms or other school requirements. We give them uniforms, books and pens. We also provide them with meals for lunch twice a week. If we get funds then we shall provide lunch everyday throughout the week to retain them in school. Because of poverty at home they do not get enough food so we plan to supply them with food ration lasting for a whole month to each family where these orphans live. We prefer supporting them in families instead of putting them in an orphanage. So they are identified by the Orphan Schools they attend.

Currently children attending Isongo, Bumala, Buriya and Busibula Nursery schools learn under ca tree. We are looking for funds to build a classroom for each of the schools. We have two teachers in each school volunteering their services. We plan to pay these teachers if we get funds in order to motivate them since they do good work. The communities help in providing for a cook and sometimes give donations such as; beans, maize and rice to prepare meals for these children. This community is very co-operative.
We provide school uniforms to orphans and vulnerable children attending schools. We receive over 200 applications every month but we are able to provide uniforms to only 20 children in a term i.e. after every three months. We require funds to meet the demand. A child without school uniform feels so uncomfortable in school and these makes such a child drop out of school or get sent away from school by teachers to collect uniform. We also pay school fees for a few children every term. The school fees demand is too high.
Under this project we have established several Learning Centres for our Adult Education Project. These centres are the same schools for our nursery children. These are; Sitoto, Bumala, Isongo, Busibula, Musire, Masebula and Bukhwaku Adult Education centres. We have a total of 500 adult women attending lessons in these centres. Every center has an Adult Education Volunteer Teacher, mostly a female. We provide these women with writing materials such as books and pens. We provide charts and other learning materials. We teach them basic skills of writing and learning. We want to increase literacy level among women in rural villages. This will contribute positively towards development in rural areas as more women can now make informed decisions. The adult education lessons begin in afternoon from 3.00pm to 5.00pm twice a week. Nursery children leave school at 2.03pm hence leaving room for the adult education class to begin. If we get funds then we shall build Learning Centres for the adult education project instead of learning under a tree. We also plan to get funds to pay the adult education teachers.
Under this project we identify women groups and provide training for the members and leaders of these groups. We provide training in order to strengthen these women groups so that the members can attain their intended goals. Specifically we provide training in the following topics; leadership and management where we ensure both group leaders and members acquire leadership skills to enable them manage their groups effectively hence giving better results. We empower them on the need for group leaders i.e. chairlady, secretary and treasurer to be accountable and transparent in all the affairs of the group. We let them understand the need to respect the constitution of the group. Training in this area has enabled many women groups to stabilize their activities. We have received a lot of encouragement messages from members of these groups.

The second topic we deal with is conflict management. Under this topic we empower members of women groups on best ways of handling conflicts in the group or among members of the group. We train them that even if a group is faced with any form of conflict among her members, this should not lead to breakup of this group. Members must be able to dialogue to solve these disputes. Groups should also set up conflict resolution committees to deal with cases of disputes. It’s also good for group members to respect the constitution of their group. All these help in reducing cases of conflict in groups.

The third topic we train groups in is Resource Mobilization. Here we empower women groups on how they can get resources to carry out their activities effectively. We emphasize that the most important resource in a group is a member herself .Her constant attendance of the group meetings is very important. We encourage groups to establish friends and have good relationship with neighbours as these two help a lot in accessing resources that they need in a group. We also emphasize on identifying local churches and organizations which they can approach and get resources they need. We let them know that fundraising through harambee and writing proposals help a lot in mobilizing resources for their group activities.

Through these training many women groups have been able to acquire a lot of resources for their activities. We have been congratulated for having helped a lot. In total we have trained well over 109 women groups. We still work closely with these groups by supporting them where we can. We provide some groups with chicken for those doing poultry keeping and maize seeds and fertilizer for those doing agriculture. A number of women groups are doing, table banking which really need to be supported.

We also identify elderly women especially the widows and support them economically. We donate foodstuff such as maize flour/sorghum/millet flour for those who are diabetic, wheat flour, beans, rice, sugar, salt, cooking fat, washing soap, paraffin and beddings such as blankets, bed sheets and mattresses. Those who can still do farming are provided with seeds and fertilizer. We provide a medical practitioner to carry out medical check up for these elderly women twice a year and provide for the necessary medication required on each of them.
Under this project we support 5 women teams doing sports. These are Busire Women Team, Bumala JuaKali Women Team, Bukhwaku Women Team, Bujumba Women Team and Buriya Women Team. We support these teams with balls, games uniforms and First Aid Kits. These women mostly play women leg ball, Netball and Volleyball. Whenever they go to play any match, we provide them with transport and lunch. We believe that through sports some women can get opportunity to pursue sports career which may help them. Sports also keep these women to maintain good health and improve their mind.
Under this project we identify youths who have either dropped out of school or have completed primary or secondary education and provide them with opportunity to train in artisan. Some get trained in welding, masonry, carpentry, dressmaking, hairdressing, computer, and mechanics. In each of these categories, we have at least 5 youths undergoing training every month. We need to increase this number because the demand is high. We receive over 150 requests every month but we are only able to assist 5 youths in each category. We need funds to support many youths. We have been doing these for the last 4 years. The challenge is that once these youths complete training, they need to be assisted to buy tools to start their own workshop. This can help them earn income. Most of them after completing this training are unable to get employment. They end up frustrated again. We need to buy them tools so that they can start their own business. We also support more youths who are doing farming.

We provide them with seeds and fertilizers for their agricultural activities. We need funds to support more youths. We also support youths in sports. Currently we have 6 youth’s sports teams that we support by providing for balls, games, uniforms, transport and First Aid Kits. These teams are Buriya Youths Team, Bujumba Youths Team, Bumala Youths Team, Busire Youths Team, Bukhakhala Youths Team and Masebula Youths Team. More teams have applied for assistance but we are unable to help because of lack of funds. We are looking forward to continue supporting more teams. Lastly we support youths to nurture their talents in music, drama, dance and artist writing. We support them by providing for training to improve these talents.
- Orphan Nursery School Project -
“Hillary Mainga Foundation has helped me to get a chance to complete my pre-unit class. They provided me with books and pens.” Annet Masakwe of Bukhwaku Nursery School after completing pre-unit class in November 2010.

- School Uniform Project -
“I thank Hillary Mainga Foundation for the school uniform they provided me. This has helped me to stay in Bumala Primary School. Am now in STD 6”Priscah Oloo, 11 years old, on 5th 2009.

- ​Adult Education Project -
“Iam happy that I can now read and write. I that Hillary Mainga Foundation for coming here to help us” Alice Achieng 58 years old of Musire Adult Education Centre, on 8th January 2013.

​- Women Empowerment Project/Group Training Project -
“This is good, now we know our Chairlady or Treasurer cannot eat our money. Hillary Mainga Foundation has trained us” Leonida Akoth ,64 years old, member, Matendo Ya Mitume Women Group, Bumala on 6th June 2013.

​- Women Sports Project -
“I want to get serious with practice so that I can also play for our national women teams. Congratulations Hillary Mainga Foundation for your bright idea of supporting women in sports” Judith Nabwire, 43 years old, member Busire Talented Women Team, on 2nd August 2012.

- ​Youth Empowerment Project -
“After I complete this Dressmaking Course, I plan to get my own machine and start my dressmaking business. Thanks to Hillary Mainga Foundation for giving me this wonderful chance” Timothy Owino, a Trainee in Dressmaking Course from Buriya Youth Group on 16th February 2012.