Hillary Mainga Foundation
About Us
The Hillary Mainga Foundation was founded by Mr. Hillary Mainga in 2005. Mr Mainga, who is a Statistician from Kenyatta University in Kenya, graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree {Hons.}, resigned from his job from a corporate company to start this foundation. What really touched him to start this foundation was the increasing number of children who could not go to school for lack of school uniforms,pens,books etc caused by the demise of their parents or the high level of poverty. Those who could struggle and complete primary did not proceed to secondary school for lack of school fees. All these were further complicated by high illiteracy levels among women. Illiteracy levels also contributed alot to underdevelopment the increase in population because women could not control birth and could not engage in economic empowerment projects. So there was need to engage them in literacy skills projects alongside economic empowerment projects. This is what The Hillary Mainga Foundation has been doing from 2005 to date. The foundation has achieved alot for the communities since its inception and still has alot that need to be done. Mr. Mainga loves Jesus as His Saviour .