Hillary Mainga Foundation
The Hillary Mainga Foundation aims to empower rural women economically and socially with a focus on widows and provides support for the education of orphans and vulnerable children. This organization also provides education support to 7 village nursery schools for the orphans. Adult Education Programs are provided to increase literacy among rural women in Busia County of Western Kenya. Through Youth Empowerment Programs, youths are trained in employment skills such as welding, masonry, carpentry, and more. The organization also assists the elderly economically and materially to improve their wellbeing.
To Empower the grassroots community members economically and socially by providing education for all and by assisting the women, children, and elderly with essential needs.

Our Mission
Child Support Programs
    - Orphan Nursery Schools
    - School Uniforms Project ​
Community Empowerment Programs​​
   ​ - Adult Education Project
    - Women Empowerment Project
    - Women Sports Project
    - Youth Empowerment Project
Our Projects
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Our Vision​
To see a community that is economically and socially empowered with good quality education, increased literacy levels and better living conditions.​​